How Technology Is Improving Education

The development of technology has seen numerous changes done in the education sector. All these changes have a common aim of incorporating technology as part of education, thus, improving the quality of education. Though there is still a lot to be achieved, there are tremendous strides that technology has been able to make in improving the quality of education. These strides achieved by technology in improving the quality of education are what form the basis of the discussion below.

Benefits of technology in education

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In the past, there were only sandpits and cardboard boxes as the resources used for demonstration
and simulation. These teaching aids were boring not just to the children but also the teachers. In the real sense, they could not stimulate learners’ interest and thus fail in their core function of stimulating learners’ interest. However, the introduction of technological aids is improving learners’ interest and participation in class. Smart boards are particularly of great importance since they make learning quite engaging.


Teachers are also benefiting from the current advancement in technology. With the current technology, teachers can be able to assess their students with much ease. There are computer applications developed to help teachers in assessing their students. The step-by-step assessment instruction offered gives teachers the ability to correct students’ mistakes while still in the learning process, thus, improves the formative evaluation.

E-Books and epistemic games

rdhgfgwq2435ueyrfTechnology also makes it possible for learners to enjoy numerous learning resources online. E-Books are among the leading resources that learners get online. These books make it easier for both learners and their teachers to research on various educational subjects. There are also epistemic games found online that boost learners ability to reason out basic logical matters, which are useful in promoting overall learning. With these resources, learners interact freely with the digital materials making the learning process an active one.

Global learning

On a wider scale, technology is improving global interaction in the education sector. With the current technology, learners from different countries can exchange ideas on how to improve their learning process. This kind of interaction is only possible due to the improved communication channels, which are all powered by the current technological advancements. With the current technology, there is no need to travel to have an effective exchange program.
These are only a few of the improvements that technology brings to the education sector. There are many other improvements and much more expected in the coming years.