The Basics Of French Grammar

If you have made plans for learning French, then you are ready to learn all the basics that of French grammar that will be useful in your journey. If you are in the process or learning French, then you will have realized that it’s not that easy and it’s not that hard also you just have to the commitment then everything will be easy for you. But what is more helpful is if you have the basics that you can use that will get you started so that you don’t have a hard time. One thing that you should not do is give up because it’s a process that you should take. It is important to learn how to speak French for those traveling abroad.The basic of French grammar include;



The pronunciation is what makes up the French. When learning the French language, you will realize that the pronunciation of the words will be so different with the English. And if you wish that you can be able to have the same accent with a person that is good in French then you are mistaken because this will take time when you will be able to pronounce the words very well will be the time that you will have the accent. It will be useful if you can listen to how people pronounce the words so that you can learn from them.


One of the complaints that you will hear with so many people that are learning French is that verb incomprehensibility. The way to go about this is if you use the spoken French rather than the written French because it will give you the opportunity to be able to pronounce the verb in the way they are supposed to. Also, when pronouncing you will not have to change the pronunciation of the majority of the verb, but for the third person then the pronunciation will have to change. It might sound confusing, but when you start then, you will get understand more.



When talking about the tenses if you have ever learned Spanish then you will realize that the tenses in Spanish are less but not less like the once in French. Like the most common used tense is the past tense and another most used one is the past participate. You will not have to worry so much about the tenses because they are not that frequently used. Also, the few tenses that are used then you will have to learn how they are pronounced and they are not that hard.